Dawgs turn game over to Aggies, lose 63-62

The Dawgs (12-7) lost in truly bizarre fashion in College Station on Saturday afternoon.  With a little over 16 seconds left, J.J. Frazier brought the ball up the court with his team trailing by a point.  When the clock hit 5.6 seconds, Frazier found himself in trouble, facing a double-team near the perimeter.  Fortunately, Frazier managed to find Yante Maten on the block, where he quickly turned and drew a foul going towards the bucket.  At the moment, it appeared that Maten was headed to the line with a chance to put his team ahead of Texas A&M (9-9).  The problem, however, was that the clock still showed 5.6 seconds.  The officials gathered, discussed and determined that more than 6 seconds had eclipsed since the game clock ceased running, and they decided that the contest was over, giving the Aggies the 63-62 home win.

While this decision certainly deserves some explaining from the SEC’s league office, Georgia can hardly be that upset considering how horribly the Dawgs played down the stretch.  After building up a 56-43 advantage with a little over 10 minutes remaining, UGA’s final 17 possessions resulted in 10 turnovers and a 1 for 7 performance from the floor.  The Aggies full court trap press mystified Georgia and forced the Dawgs into 4 turnovers in the final 2 minutes of play.  Texas A&M ended the game on a 10-0 run and stole a victory from the Dawgs in a contest that UGA led for the majority of the afternoon.

As bummed as I am regarding the loss, I’m equally curious as to whether Coach Mark Fox’s team actually has a press break offense.  The A&M trap was tough, but nothing that a Division I team from a Power 5 conference shouldn’t be able to figure out.  The Dawgs, however, seemed content to go the route of a broken record as they repeatedly inbounded the ball far too low and to the corner, making it incredibly easy for the Aggie defenders to trap Frazier.  Not once during this nightmare of an ending did Georgia pass the ball into a player above the free throw line.

UGA’s offense over the last quarter of this game completely contrasted what it had done over the previous thirty minutes.  For most of the afternoon, the Dawgs were highly efficient on offense, carving up the Aggies 2-3 zone by getting the ball to either the short corner or free throw line.  Before the meltdown, Georgia hit over 46% from the floor and 6 of 10 from beyond the arc, and they had 14 team assists to just 7 turnovers.  Texas A&M’s 10-0 run to end the game was payback for the one that UGA went on going into the intermission.  Yante Maten and Tyree Crump hit back to back three-pointers to send the Dawgs up 39-29 at the half.

Defensively, UGA’s match up zone kept the Aggies in check.  A&M made only 36% of its shots from the floor, and the team’s leading scorer, Tyler Davis, finished with just 8 points.  The Aggies out-rebounded the Dawgs 40-38 and they hauled in 18 offensive boards, but when a team starts two 6’9″s and two 6’10″s that can almost be expected.

The Aggies were led offensively by Robert Williams and D.J. Hogg, who finished with 18 and 16, respectively.

Georgia had just two players finish in double-figures: Maten (19) and Frazier (11).

After committing only 6 turnovers on Tuesday against Vandy, the Dawgs returned to their careless ways, giving the ball away 17 times.

UGA now has two losses to teams with RPI’s above 100: Texas A&M (110) and Oakland (127).  Both of these games will fall into the old “bad loss” category in regards to Georgia’s NCAA tournament resume, which took a major hit today in College Station.




27 thoughts on “Dawgs turn game over to Aggies, lose 63-62

  1. Fox is done should be fired no excuse for this, recurring theme over 8 years- turnovers, long scoring droughts, stagnant offense- it wil never change


  2. Yep. No excuse. No adjustmemt to the press. I was angry but not ready to bail until I heard fox on the post game radio. When not having Kessler available was thrown out there as part of the struggle….. really Kessler! Done. After 12 yeare of season tickets. I am out unless change happens. Fox has got to go. He refuses to change.


    1. Are you serious? He really used not having Kessler as an excuse. On second thought, it doesn’t surprise me. He has an excuse for everything, no matter how inexcusable a situation might be. As mediocre and listless as this program has been under Fox, today takes the cake as the worst L ever for him. Complete implosion – we make ONE play over the last 5 or 6 minutes and we win. Just one. It’s not like TAMU was playing well…their free throw percentage was atrocious. Mind boggling loss. Fox has to go. $15,000,000+ is quite enough to pay for a guy who has gone almost 8 seasons without a single truly meaningful win.


  3. Last two minutes up 9 never crossed half court, didn’t shoot one free throw – no excuse for not having turtle Jackson on floor to help with the in bounds and relieve pressure. But we had geno in really. I have literally sat on my couch for the last hour and a half depressed. I’m sick and dang tired of this crap.


  4. If you want to go young guy. Go get Matt McCall Chattanooga. Beat uga last year former Donovan assistant. Mocs are really good team. I live in Chattanooga and seen them play several
    Times. He also won at Dayton and illinois last year and won at Tennessee this year . Oh and their guards can handle the ball not that would be something we need .


  5. Fox had no idea how to settle his players at crunch time. No idea how to break a press. Typically, this is something teams work on at practice. I guess Fox figured without Kessler there, it was hopeless. Just take the loss and move on. Still, he’ll win his 18 games and keep his job. McGarity will just figure “What the heck, we’re a football school. Why bother.” If you look at the top 25 BB rankings, you’ll find several teams that also play pretty good football. So, it is possible to be good at both. But not with Fox.


  6. If you want older guy with experience I am a huge Lon Kruger fan, has rebuilt several programs. Now he is
    Older but at this point does it really Matter. I coach middle school, I am thinking about sending my resume in


  7. I’m sick of Fox! Do UGA work on a press break? What happened to Crump playing in second half? this team is going nowhere with Fox at the helm! Jordan Harris struggled today and Fox did nothing about it! So much for defense and turnovers being the reason some players not playing bc UGA did nothing defensively in 2nd half. Play your players who give u best chance at winning


  8. Fox offered on postgame radio that not having Kessler, Edwards and Ogbeide to rest Maten put the offense out of sync in 2nd half. He failed to mention the obvious that his team was clueless against the press. I knew when A&M called timeout with 7:50 left they were about to press. I’ll bet even they were shocked to learn they were playing a bad middle school team against a press.


  9. Been off this train since the Marquette loss.. I believe at UGA he’s now 3-21 vs RPI top25 teams in 8 years..He beats no one of substance and now is getting clipped by subpar teams.. Why is everyone surprised???? Same old same old -Same excuses, same mistakes, same results..I sure hope our AD takes a long look in the stands and wonder why so little fan interest..A football only school excuse is BS – Its simple Greg – its the product on the floor.

    I hope all of you keep commenting/complaining on every forum you can – it shows we CARE about basketball, and it’s one way to help produce a change.
    Like I posted in December an NCAA bid AND a win or Fox should be done.. There were enough proven opponents on the schedule to accomplish this …Avoid the bad losses, protect home court and find a few quality road wins would reach that goal .. To this point Fox has done none of that.. Sound familiar? I’ll re post this comment next January Greg……


  10. Until yesterday I felt there was a bit of hope! Parker was rounding back into shape as the 3rd scorer! Also, Harris or one of the freshman who can shoot seemed to be coming along! But, now even Mike Potter the eternal optimist has hit rock bottom w/Mark Fox! I’m not even sure he knows how to break a press, even against some 6’10” goofs! Until Fox is gone I’ll not spend 1 more cent on round ball tickets! I also thought the Marquette loss was bad! There has not been one win of consequence in the last eight years! Greg, I have had it! Hell NO NIT again! I cant believe we settled for this for 15 million bucks! Also, for the conference to send Mike Nance, James Breeding, and Tim Gaddis out for game action again this season would be a travesty! TAM shot 27 FT’s yesterday while UGA settled for14! Game ends in ultimate confusion! Needless to say TAM ECO has to be gone also!


  11. I know fox beat Kentucky at home in year 2, I would be Interested to know in his 8 years who the other top 25 team was he beat- I can’t remember


    1. Here are his wins against ranked teams:

      2010: #20 Georgia Tech, #8 Tennessee and #18 Vandy
      2011: #10 Kentucky
      2012: #20 Missy State, #12 Florida
      2014: #21 Missouri
      2016: #25 South Carolina

      Over the past 4+ seasons, including this one, UGA has beaten just two ranked teams: Mizzu and SC (above).


      1. And those two teams – 2013-14 Mizzou and 2015-16 SC – were both incredibly over-rated when we beat them. They both wound up in the NIT and I believe both lost in the 2nd round. Forget top 25, I’d like to see Fox’s record against the RPI top 50 since arriving in Athens. I’m sure that record is horrendous.


  12. I really enjoy the blog, being a 40 year uga fan has been hard, would love to restore the glory years of tubby and Harrick. This loss yesterday is one of the worst ever but not close to the Syracuse sweet 15 loss in 96 that was tough


    1. Thanks a lot! I appreciate the follow and your comments. I haven’t been a fan for quite as long as you, but I do remember watching that Syracuse game in my friend’s basement in high school and being crushed after. You are right, though: being a UGA fan – basketball or football – is incredibly hard and not for the faint of heart.


    2. Your wish is very much attainable.. Tubby’s and Harrick’s reign had one important factor. Both individuals provided an immediate impact . I truly believe UGA basketball can be a major factor again – it just needs the right guy sitting on the bench. By year 8 we should have an idea shouldn’t we????


  13. Saw on another website that the georgia basketball blog was done don’t know why and if we are still in first four out, bubble is really weak this year .


  14. georgiabasketballblog is done. His last post was his take on “fake” news and the fact that he poured hours into the blog on a weekly basis. I enjoyed his analysis and passion.


  15. Just saw that Brent Musberger is retiring after the UGA/Kentucky game on 1/31. I guess he saw they put him on a Georgia game and called it a career….


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