Dawgs upset Tennessee in Knoxville

With 47 seconds left on the clock and Georgia leading by just 2 points, J.J. Frazier hoisted the Georgia Bulldogs onto his shoulders and found a way to notch an old-fashioned three-point play to ice the game.  Frazier’s converted free throw made it 76-71 Dawgs with only 21 ticks left, and Georgia ended up sneaking out of Knoxville with a 76-75 road win.

The enormity of this victory for an ailing basketball program is almost impossible to put into words.  Let me set the scene: Georgia’s star player and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Award finalist, Yante Maten, hardly played in the second half, and he fouled out on a questionable offensive foul with over 5 minutes remaining in the game.  For all intents and  purposes, Georgia was down for the count.  Except they weren’t.  Tyree Crump, who garnered his first start of the season, scored 8 points during the final stretch of this contest, including a three-pointer that bolstered the UGA lead to 70-64 with just 2:26 left.

Tennessee brutalized Georgia to start the second half, going on a 17-5 run that saw the Vols open up a 53-39 advantage.  The manner in which Tennessee scored during this stretch should have demoralized UGA as the Vols pounded the ball inside possession after possession. Yet for some reason, the Dawgs remained unfazed.  Frazier scored 7 of his game-high 29 points during a critical 12-2 Georgia run that cut the UT lead down to 55-51.

The Dawgs absorbed a 30-point effort from freshman sensation Grant Williams.  Only one other Tennessee player finished in double-figures.

Similarly, UGA had just one player besides J.J. Frazier – Tyree Crump – end up in double-digits.  Crump scored a season-high (against Division I teams) of 13 points, and most of them came during the final quarter of this contest.

This win came out of nowhere, and while it is incredibly satisfying for Georgia basketball fans, it will surely leave many with a series of “what if” questions.  What if the Dawgs didn’t melt down at Texas A&M?  What if J.J. hit those last second shots against Florida and Kentucky?

For tonight, though, UGA fans should simply enjoy this win.


10 thoughts on “Dawgs upset Tennessee in Knoxville

  1. JJ showed a ton of heart today! Good for him. I wish he could have put together a few more senior games to carry us to wins. All in all he has been a damn good Dawg for sure.

    In a better world (where the Falcons won the Super Bowl) the Hoop Dawgs would have won road games vs A&M and at least one out of Kentucky or Florida and we are in NCAA position after today’s win. Nonetheless, Coach Fox has had so many chances…


  2. Well, I can certainly see why Crump hasn’t been playing. /sarcasm

    Good win for the Dawgs. I was driving around during the game and listened to the Tennessee announcers chalking up the win (and Barnes for SEC COTY) when they were up 14. Then I came home and watched us take control. I almost wanted to go back to the car and listen to the UT announcers. 🙂

    Big win for the Dawgs and hopefully it garners more minutes (and shots) for Crump and Harris. We need the offense.


  3. big win! a ton of heart, as the dawg in decatur said. on the subject of “what ifs”…what if fox had let crump on the floor more this season? the guy is a 4 star recruit. he knows how to play. it’s the coaches job to evaluate talent. even tonight, crump made a nice entry pass, then hit a 3 after the tip. his reward? the bench. even with a hot hand and solid play, crump only got 16 minutes tonight. fox’s substitution strategy has always been a mystery to me. aw well. it was a great, gutsy win for the players.


  4. When the UT lead got to 14 the pressure was off and JJ obviously said screw the system and decided to try and win the game by himself. Lo and behold it opened up just enough cracks for others to chip in some points. The 5th foul call on Maten was an abomination but I would never have put him back in that early. We got most of the calls after that one. I hope Fox gives the minutes to Crump and Harris and lessens Turtle’s minutes now. He’s not in their league talent wise.


    1. I agree. Turtle can be a good contributor but Crump and Harris seem like the future to me.

      Wish Ogbede could develop a little more offense. He’s a force in defense.


  5. For heaven sakes play Harris and Crump and sit Turtle more!! If these guys make the big leap in year two we’ll have guys who will thrill us for three more years and move this team forward, particularly if Yante stays around for his senior year.


  6. Crump came up big! Wonder why it took so long! Bigger question is, does he get the start next game? Kid most definitely complements JJ on the floor. Think Fox may have stumbled on something! Finish strong with a deep run in SEC tournament and we may stumble on a blessing.#FreeTyree


    1. I am not a basketball coach, but if one wants to (probably) improve shooting and athelticism and loosen the inside a little, I wouldn’t be against playing a quicker three-guard lineup (guards being JJ, Crump, and Harris) with Parker as a plug and play sixth man and the O man and Yante up front. What have we got to lose at this point? This is a pretty athletic team and would remind me a little bit of those smallish but athletic aggregations Pittino was so fond of putting together at Louisville. Any thoughts out there about this?


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