Kentucky overcomes upset-minded UGA

12450736When Yante Maten went down with a knee injury just two minutes into the game yesterday against Kentucky, the collective hopes of everyone inside Stegemen Coliseum rooting for Georgia to get the signature win it desperately needed took a major hit. Maten spent about 10 minutes in the locker room before gingerly making his way back to the UGA bench, where he sat for the rest of the evening.  Georgia’s big man, who has been a nightmare for opposing defenses all season, could barely put any pressure on his right leg.

This should have been enough to break the Dawgs’ spirits.  With their leader done for the night, UGA could easily have crumbled, considering the daunting task that now lay before them.  Yet, for some reason, they didn’t. Georgia simply dug in and went toe-to-toe with the #13 Wildcats for the next 38 minutes.  Kentucky’s roster is so loaded with talent that Coach Calipari sends in 5-star recruits off the bench, whereas Mark Fox has to add Juwan Parker and Mike Edwards’s recruiting stars together to get to five.  Regardless, the Dawgs found themselves with possession of the basketball with 44 seconds left and the game tied at 75 apiece.  As the shot clock melted down, Kentucky sent an extra defender to jump J.J. Frazier at the top of the key.  Frazier kicked it to Pape Diatta, who forced the ball into the lane and ended up getting blocked by two Wildcat defenders.  The Cats took the lead on the ensuing possession following a pair of free throws from De’Aaron Fox, Frazier missed his next jumper and Kentucky managed to hit its free throws and escape from Athens with the 82-77 road win.

Despite the overwhelming amount of talent that Calipari has at his disposal, the best player on the court on Saturday was easily Georgia’s J.J. Frazier.  J.J. hit a three-pointer with time expiring from just inside Milledge Avenue to cut the Kentucky lead to 33-31 as the teams headed into the intermission.  This shot electrified the Steg and was just a little preview of what UGA fans could expect to see from their point guard in the second half.

After the break, Frazier became superman.  J.J. diced up the Kentucky defense and scored 22 points on an array of challenging layups that seemingly increased in difficulty level as the game progressed. By the end of this contest, Frazier had 36 points, and Kentucky had a bunch of angry guards who had fouled out trying to deal with him.  Isaiah Briscoe, who had over 20 points when these team met earlier in Lexington, couldn’t control his emotions as J.J. continually bruised his ego; Briscoe would score only 9 points before fouling out with almost 5 minutes left in the game.  His replacement, Dominique Hawkins, also racked up 5 personals trying to stay in front of Frazier.

Even De’Aaron Fox missed significant minutes due to foul trouble (another credit to Frazier), but Fox got himself together and poured in 14 of his 16 points after the break, providing Kentucky the spark it desperately needed to keep up with the Dawgs.

As fantastic as Frazier played, he didn’t pull off this near upset all by himself. Juwan Parker and Mike Edwards also ended up in double-figures with 10 points each.  Edwards played with a level of toughness inside that he hadn’t yet displayed in his initial two years in Athens.

Derek Ogbeide only chipped in 4 points, but he was the anchor of the UGA defense, holding down the paint and snagging a team-high 11 rebounds.  Bam Adebayo scored 13 points for the Cats, but half of those points came at the expense of Houston Kessler.

And while Diatta’s quasi-turnover came at an incredibly inopportune time for the Dawgs, Pape played an otherwise solid second half.  He scored all 9 of his points after the break, including a huge three-pointer from the wing that gave Georgia a 64-61 lead with a little over 5 minutes remaining.

The only other Kentucky player to score in double-digits was Malik Monk, who notched 16 points on a frustrating 3 for 11 performance from the field, a far cry from the 37-point effort he put in the first time these teams matched up.

For the most part, UGA played a pretty sound game defensively.  Probably the biggest negative the Dawgs will take away from this game is that they allowed the Cats to control the glass by a tally of 41-26.  More importantly, UGA yielded 14 offensive boards to Kentucky, which led to 8 second chance points that may have ultimately been the difference in this one.

In the end, Georgia came up a little short of pulling off this miracle, and Coach Fox’s teams have now lost 23 straight games to ESPN RPI Top 25 teams.  A season that began with high expectations may be over in less than 3 weeks.  With a 15-12 record (6-8 SEC), UGA isn’t going to the NCAA tournament, and depending on Maten’s status, they may miss the NIT as well.

With all that being said, UGA fans had to be darn proud of the way those kids in the white jerseys fought for 40 minutes yesterday.


13 thoughts on “Kentucky overcomes upset-minded UGA

  1. This game was The Georgia Way in a nutshell. Bunch of good kids played their tails off but didn’t win mixed with a key player getting injured. Meanwhile its a good thing we don’t have a baseball blog.


  2. dawgs played with great heart against superior talent. again, so close.

    with maten down, another outside shooter might have helped and crump, who can shoot, played 3 minutes.
    harris didn’t play at all. was he hurt?


  3. Was on a plane from the 10-minute mark of the first half through the end. Was hoping Yante was able to come back. Am so proud of JJ and the others for stepping up. Again just so close… Thanks for the great write-up, hoopdawg.


  4. How bout the fight in Dem Dawgs! JJ played lights out! Came up short but a helluva effort. The lost of yante was big, wondering whose gonna be another scoring option. What is the deal with Harris? I don’t think I saw him at all. Crump played 3 minutes! Fox has to trust his young players, JJ won’t be there to bail him out next year. Think it’s time to play your players that’s going to be back next year.


  5. I saw the game exactly like you did Hoop and I wondered where the heck this Mike Edwards came from. Can’t say but I hope he sticks around. Yesterday reinforced my feeling that Juwan Parker should NOT be shooting the rock from outside 12 feet and that the O-man may become an all-SEC candidate if he develops enough offensive polish to consistently contribute 12-15 points a night. Maybe he’ll come along as a scorer like Marcus Thornton did in his final two years. He’s already looking a bit like the defensive/rebounding beast that Marcus became although he has work to do at preventing his man from getting position down low. Finally, I, like so many of you, am mystified by the absence of our two 4-star shooting guards when a credible outside game would make this game so hard to beat. You have to wonder where Kentucky would be if Calipari played his freshmen as sparingly as Fox plays his. Out of a job I suspect!


  6. 75-75 with 30 seconds to go and the immortal Michael Jordan…uh, I mean Pape Diatta…decides to take over. Would have been nice if they’d run the clock down to 10-15 seconds and then let JJ shoot it. After all, he was the only reason we were within 20 points of UK. Great effort after Maten went out and I commend them for that.

    As for the TV broadcast, did they have to keep reminding us over and over and over again how bad our record is against good teams and how many games we’ve lost in the final minutes? Ugh.


  7. Hoop Dawg, is it Fox doesn’t like Crump? For the life of me, can’t understand why your top recruit can’t see the floor! Juwan is obviously not a shooting guard and all I see Turtle do is pat the ball, so please help me understand why a scorer is buried on the bench? I get Fox is a defensive minded coach since it’s the only thing he stresses but my God you have to score points to win. I guess JJ on his Kobe Bryant tour! Next year he’ll be talking bout players need to develop, smh!


    1. Remember that time Crump started and scored 13 points? Oh wait, that was just a tad over a week ago at Tennessee. I have no idea why Tyree doesn’t get to play for Fox. It’s definitely one of the mysteries of this season in regards to UGA basketball.


  8. Just saw he AJC article stating that Yante is gone for the season. I don’t now if his injury will have implications for Yante’s decision to return next year but, if there is a silver lining, the injury will force Edwards and Ogbeide to step up and (hopefully) grow into more substantive roles as front court guys. It probably will also give extra minutes to Wilridge to see if he will ever become a meaningful contributor. and, hopefully, it may encourage Fox to play some three guard offense thus giving Harris and Crump additional minutes. Obviously, however, Yante’s roughly 8 boards a game are going to be hard to replace. Suck it up dawgs!


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