Georgia wins without Maten

They double-teamed him.  They threw junk traps at him when he crossed half court.  At times, Alabama even had a defender completely face guarding him without any help responsibility.  Tide coach Avery Johnson threw the kitchen sink at Georgia’s J.J. Frazier, and in the end, none of it worked.  Frazier scored 11 of Georgia’s final 12 points and helped guide his team to a 60-55 road win over an Alabama team that is trying to position itself for an at-large NCAA tournament bid.

J.J. seems to be saving his best basketball for the finish of his UGA career as he followed up last Saturday’s 36-point effort in the loss to Kentucky with a 28-point game tonight in Tuscaloosa.  Frazier once again put the Dawgs on his back and dropped 17 points in the second half, but one play in particular truly typified the toughness and fight that he brings to this team, night in, night out.  With over 4 minutes left in the game, Alabama took a Derek Ogbeide miss and quickly pushed it up the floor with a chance to take its first lead of the night, only to have Frazier chase down point guard Dazon Ingram and strip the ball away.  J.J. then jetted past the lone Tide defender and soared for the basket, which pushed the UGA advantage up to 54-51.  Just when Alabama appeared poised to take control of the game’s momentum, Frazier masterfully stole it right back.

While J.J. was certainly fantastic in this contest, Georgia definitely missed Maten inside.  After opening up a 30-18 halftime lead in which the Crimson Tide shot an abysmal 22% from the floor, Georgia’s failure to handle its business on the defensive glass allowed the Crimson Tide to creep back into the game.  Alabama ended up with 17 offensive rebounds, which is 3 more than their SEC average, and they scored 17 of their 55 points off of second chance points.  In contrast, the Dawgs managed to grab only 3 offensive boards, and they were out-rebounded by a count of 42-30.

Even though Bama has been one of the more inept offensive teams in conference play, credit the Bulldogs for holding them to 16 points under their SEC game average.  The Tide had two stretches in the first half – one of 7 minutes and one of 5 – in which they were unable to convert a field goal.

For UGA, Frazier was the only player to finish in double-figures, while the Tide had three guys end up in double-digits, with Ar’Mond Davis leading the way with 17 points.

Ultimately, Coach Mark Fox’s team has to be breathing a huge sigh of relief as they avoided losing their 5th conference game this year in which the Dawgs held a lead in the final 4 minutes of the game.  In addition, Georgia proved that while it will certainly be more difficult, they are capable of winning without Yante Maten.

The Dawgs have a super short turnaround before returning home to play the LSU Tigers in Athens on Saturday evening.



9 thoughts on “Georgia wins without Maten

  1. I take back all the bad things I said about Coach Fox in my earlier posts! If all these other success come lately teams(Tenn, Ala,and even Vandy) have a chance for the”Big Dance” the Dogs are just as deserving at this late stage! I would say our resume’ deserves consideration! KY,FLA,and SC may be locks. but the old saying is true! It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, It is the size of the fight that’s in these DOGS!!!! Why do we have to see Joe Lunardi pass judgement at all! Our resume is just as valid as Northwestern’s! Coach Fox still has a few weeks to polish these Dogs plus the SEC”s! Go Dogs! Now, I’m going to get this egg off my face and have an egg sandwich for breakfast!!!!!


  2. Great game by JJ, but we can’t rely on that continuously. I see where Crump hurt Fox’s feelings again by hitting two 3’s and promptly being benched.

    It seems like we win in spite of Fox’s on-floor coaching. He obviously gets them ready during the week, but come game time, he gets really stubborn.

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  3. Another gutty effort by short handed Bulldogs, Frazier most of all. Harris still not playing. Wonder why? Also, Turtle played 28 minutes with 6 points while Crump played 9 with 6 points.
    Dear Coach: Crump can shoot. He can put the ball in the basket. Please leave him in the game.


  4. Great win! And what do you suppose Jordan Harris has done to go from a starter to a non-entity? We need to play Crump and Harris more; they are our future and are far from horrible in the present.


  5. Go Dawgs!! Big win but I’m wondering if Fox going to burn JJ out. Fox has Crump just sitting on the bench waiting to explode but fox for some reason won’t play him! Kid hits two 3s and his reward is the bench! I’m not getting it! Crump is a starter, if not, he damn sure is the first guard off bench! #FreeTyree


  6. I try so much to like Mike Edwards. He’s a little freakishly athletic and you can tell he’s been working on his post moves with Coach Jonas Hayes. BUT the guy can not box out for rebounds. He doesn’t battle for position and just tries to out jump the players around him. This years unit just gives up too many offensive rebounds under the basket and it’s maddening. With Maten out at least until the SEC Tourney, it’s really magnified the lack of boxing out by most of our bigs under the boards. Edwards is pretty tone, he just needs to add about 10-20 lbs this off season and not be afraid to mix it up with the SEC bigs next season as an Upperclassman.


    1. Amen. Like I’ve said fora while Edwards needs to learn to move his feet and get position and he just might become a hell of a rebounder. Will that ever happen? Who knows but I’d love to see it.


      1. Some of that Marcus Thornton man strength would definitely benefit him. That’s not an uncommon trajectory for a young big man, fortunately. Marcus went from pushed to pusher.


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