Kentucky too much for Georgia

Any notion Georgia (19-14) might have had of playing another close game with Kentucky (27-5) in today’s SEC tournament were quickly put to rest by a Wildcat team that came out determined to defend UGA better than it had during the regular season.  The Cats halfcourt defense suffocated Georgia and forced the Dawgs to start its offense well outside the three-point line.  J.J. Frazier constantly found himself surrounded by Kentucky defenders, and even when he didn’t have the ball a Wildcat defender was usually right on him playing deny defense.  Yante Maten, who still didn’t look anywhere close to 100%, struggled to score the ball around the rim.

Kentucky certainly wasn’t at its best offensively, but Georgia’s woes on that end of the  court made it impossible for the Dawgs to seriously threaten Coach Calipari’s team.  Georgia shot just 30% from the floor and turned it over 7 times in the first half, yet they only trailed the Cats 32-25 at the break.  A decent finish to the half – capped off by a corner three-pointer from Tyree Crump – offered UGA a glimmer of hope going into the intermission.

That hope, though, was dashed almost immediately by Kentucky at the start of the second half.  The Dawgs began the half with a turnover and 3 misses, and the Cats quickly pushed their advantage to 38-25.  UGA would only score 5 points for more than 8 minutes to begin the second half, and by the time Juwan Parker knocked down a jumper with 11:43 remaining the Dawgs had fallen behind 47-32.

Kentucky pushed its lead to 18 points after a monster dunk by Bam Adebayo with 9:54 left, making it 50-32.  Georgia couldn’t manage to cut the lead to under double-digits again, and the Wildcats essentially cruised to their first win of the SEC tournament.

Isaiah Briscoe and De’Aron Fox went for 20 apiece, but for the most part, Georgia defended the Cats pretty well.  The Dawgs contained Malik Monk, who they held to just 2 points, and they limited Kentucky to only 38% from the floor.

But ultimately the Dawgs’ offense did them in.  UGA finished with 13 turnovers, with J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten leading the way with 3 each.  Frazier and Maten scored 15 and 12, respectively, but they combined for just 7 for 28 from the floor, which just isn’t good enough for a team hoping to upset the SEC’s best team.

Georgia’s NCAA tournament hopes are just about done.  If there’s any silver lining, I did read that UGA could potentially receive a 2-seed in the NIT.




9 thoughts on “Kentucky too much for Georgia

  1. We are so poor offensively, it’s hard to watch. One of the very worst perimeter shooting teams in the entire country. I wonder how much we were outscored by behind the arc over the course of the season. Had to be a huge differential.

    Hopefully, we’ll get some home games in the NIT. As soon as we have to go on the road, we’ll get thumped…just like last year. Fox can still win 20 games…yippee!


    1. Greg, great point about the perimeter offense! While Georgia shot the exact same percentage as its opponents from beyond the arc this year (33%), UGA’s opponents made 61 more three’s than Georgia this year.


  2. Spot on Greg. Asked a buddy the same question earlier. Yante hurt UGA today Fox should have realized this and went with a more athletic line up. We didn’t get here trying to force ball in post. If Yante is healthy yes but he looks 65% at best. Fox has to COACH. He has to notice this. Offense is stagnant with players standing on wing, where’s the movement? Crump is talented but why so many 3s. Put him in pick and roll action. Coach this kid, don’t waste the talent. Get in his ass about shot selection, work him defensively. Don’t bury this type talent and expect a miracle when you trying to save your ass. What is really up with Harris? If he’s hurt sit him,but if you’re going to play him then play him! He could have been a spark but we’ll never know bc Fox failed to use another talent. This team deserves more, fans deserve more, UGA deserves more! I would like to see Jeff Capel on the sidelines for UGA. Think outside the box McGarity, go hire a basketball coach, give the fans what they deserve. 20 wins is not enough demand 25. Stop settling!


  3. Too bad there’s not an NIT for baseball. Check that…we’d need a Special Olympics for UGA’s baseball team. RIDER is dominating them. Going for the sweep tomorrow. UGA’s record is 6-9 against a bunch of nobodies and now the SEC schedule is about to start. McLoser is going to have no choice but to fire Stricklin at the end of this season. Tough time to be a Georgia fan.


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