Yante Maten returns for senior season and in the process saves Mark Fox’s job

If Yante Maten had decided to forgo his senior year of basketball at the University of Georgia, the Dawgs would be heading into next season looking to replace 39 points per game, or over 54% of its offense.  Without Yante manning the paint, the over/under on conference wins for UGA would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 6.

Even with Maten in the lineup, this year’s team was 6-7 in SEC games prior to his knee injury at the start of the Kentucky contest in Athens; the Dawgs finished 9-9 overall in league games.

At this point, Mark Fox would have a tough time surviving a losing season in the SEC.  While I wasn’t privy to the conversation between Fox and AD Greg McGarrity when they discussed the coach’s 10-year plan for the UGA basketball program, I cannot imagine that “losing more SEC games than you win” in year 9 was on the original agenda.  Maten’s decision to come back to Athens for one last go around should be enough of a boost to keep the Dawgs in the middle the pack in the conference, which is probably good enough to keep Fox’s position safe.

While UGA fans should breath a sense of relief over Maten’s commitment to the G, Georgia is going to have to make up for the 18+ points that J.J. Frazier scored per game.  Frazier and Maten were both named First Team All-SEC players at the end of this season, and the team failed to reach the NCAA tournament due to a lack of quality wins.  Both of these players have been working out for several NBA teams over the past two weeks, yet the Dawgs were ousted from the first round of the postseason NIT by the Belmont Bruins.  Georgia couldn’t earn an NCAA berth with Frazier.  How will they get into the tournament without him?

Before you tell me that Juwan Parker, Derek Ogbeide, Turtle Jackson, Tyree Crump, Jordan Harris and E’Torrian Wilridge are all returning and that 4-star recruit Rayshaun Hammonds will soon be on campus, I want to remind everyone about the team from two years ago that also did not make the NCAA Tournament:  J.J. Frazier (Jr.), Kenny Gaines (Sr.), Charles Mann (Sr.), Yante Maten (Soph) and Derek Ogbeide (Fr).  The 2015-2016 team was even more talented than last year’s squad, and yet they too failed to make the NCAA’s.  The 2017-2018 Dawgs will feature the same frontcourt as the team from two years ago, but how will this season’s backcourt compare to Frazier, Gaines and Mann?

Maten’s return to the team certainly makes the Dawgs a far more competitive SEC team than they were a week ago.  But does Georgia have enough firepower in its arsenal to improve upon last year’s 9-9 showing?  Personally, I don’t think that they do.  However, given Mark Fox’s track record of playing upperclassmen early and often, fans may not get the chance to find out what the young guys can actually do.



7 thoughts on “Yante Maten returns for senior season and in the process saves Mark Fox’s job

  1. I like the new format. It is much easier to read. I am obviously glad Yante is back but if the soph guards don’t step up, it could be a long season.


  2. Thanks for the feedback – it was definitely time for a makeover!

    I feel the same as you about next year: glad Maten’s back, but worried we could be witnessing another trip to the NIT.

    My preferred starting five:

    Tyree Crump, Jordan Harris, Rayshaun Hammonds, Yante Maten, Derek Ogbeide

    What Fox most likely puts on the floor to start the first game:

    Turtle Jackson, Jordan Harris, Juwan Parker, Yante Maten, Derek Ogbeide.


  3. I’ve never seen Hammonds play since I live in Nevada now, but as he is a top 50 recruit, I too want to give him a chance early. Personally, I think that there is no excuse for not getting to the Dance this upcoming year. We have a deep and relatively experienced team that has a fair amount of talent. I think we will get meaningful contributions from Hammonds if the scouting reports are accurate. I don’t know about the other incoming freshmen.


  4. Stay positive HoopDawg! No one on that starting 5 two years ago was nearly as good as Maten should be next year. This is SEC basketball – one star senior can carry you a long way. There is reason to worry about shooting and guard play in general, but Maten and Ogbeide should be dominant.


  5. Hey Hoop,
    I know we are all engrossed in the best football season in five years, but Fox (or should I say Jonas Hayes) is making some nice inroads on the recruiting trail for the 2018 class. Two top 100 guys from the state of Georgia is exciting and I am wondering if the on-going recruiting scandal in college basketball will end up paying dividends for the more ethical coaching staffs (i.e., us, I think) down the road/. What’s your take on this?


  6. Unfortunately, one of those two recruits you mentioned has already decommitted (Landers Nolley), which is a real bummer for Coach Fox and the Dawgs. As far as the ultimate result of the recruiting scandal involving Louisville, Auburn, USC and Arizona and its potential impact on the landscape of college basketball recruiting, I still think it’s too early to say. Unless the Feds can get some exec at either Adidas to Nike to roll on a slew of coaches, this fiasco may not extend beyond the programs involved. That’s not to say that 20 other schools aren’t participating in the same shenanigans, but they may not be exposed if everyone lawyers up and keeps their mouths shut. For example, I find it hard to believe that Kentucky has not taken part in the same schemes that Louisville was running, but I bet Coach Calipari has it set up in such a way that him and his staff are nowhere near any of it. What about you? Do you think college bball recruiting is going to get a moral compass, or will it be business as usual in a few months?


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