Quick recap: Dawgs upset Gators 72-60 to earn huge SEC win

Maten’s 20 points carried his team in tonight’s win over Florida

Below is the box score from tonight’s game and some quick thoughts on what were the keys to Georgia’s (13-8; 4-5) victory:


Big defensive effort

Georgia’s defense suffocated Florida inside Stegeman this evening, especially down the stretch.  After Jalen Hudson hit a three-pointer to put his team up 51-48 with 10:40 left in the game, the Gators went over 9 minutes before converting another field goal.  But by the time Keith Stone made said triple, his Gators were down 66-56 with just 1:09 to play.  Florida shot 2 for 19 over the final 10 minutes of this contest.  Granted, the Gators definitely became a little selfish during this span and didn’t necessarily run much of an offense, but credit the Bulldog defense for making life difficult for Mike White’s team when the game was on the line.

The Dawgs held Florida to just 60 points, which is the Gators’ lowest offensive output of the season.  Mike White’s team entered this game scoring 81 points a night and shooting nearly 45% from the floor; tonight Georgia limited Florida to under 37% on its field goal attempts.

Responding at the right time

We all know the old adage that basketball is a game of runs, but this game REALLY was a game of runs.  With Georgia trailing 24-18 with 6:47 remaining in the first half, Tyree Crump came off the bench to bury a triple and cut the Gator lead in half.  Crump would hit another three-pointer two possessions later, and his hot hand sparked a 15-2 UGA spurt that was capped off by an emphatic dunk from Yante Maten which made it 33-26, Georgia, and enabled the Dawgs to carry a 37-32 lead into the intermission.

Florida started the second half with guns ablazin’ and ran off a 12-2 run in less than 3 minutes that gave them a 44-39 edge.  This was the moment when Georgia fans began to wonder if UGA was destined to lose its grip on another big lead a la the Auburn and Arkansas games.  Luckily, the players had shorter memories and didn’t seemed fazed by the rejuvenated Florida team that returned for the second half; the Dawgs went on a 14-3 run over a nearly 7-minute span that saw a 48-43 Gator lead evaporate and turn into a 57-51 UGA advantage.  And then of course the Georgia defense (highlighted above) kept the clamps on the Gators and enabled Georgia to earn another RPI Top 50 win (with Florida sitting at 38 before the game).

Bench steps up

Mark Fox got 20 points and some overall solid contributions from his bench tonight.  In addition to his two three’s, Crump also had a pair of boards and two nice assists. Jordan Harris had 7 points himself to go along with 5 boards, and he probably had his best dribble-drive of the season on a take through the lane late in the second half.  But the biggest effort of the night for a UGA player that didn’t start had to be the play of freshman Nicolas Claxton.  Claxton continues to be a force on the offensive glass, where he hauled down 4 of his 8 boards.  I was surprised to find that he only had 3 blocks because honestly it felt like he had more with the way he’s altering shots in the paint.  At this point, it seems that Claxton has wrested Mike Edwards’s spot of “first big off the bench”, and at this rate he may play himself into a starting role as he appears to be gaining ground on Derek Ogbeide.

Up next

Georgia hits the road to take on Mississippi State in Starkville this Saturday night.  The Maroon Dawgs have been rather stout at home, where they have earned wins over Missouri, Vanderbilt and Arkansas.

24 thoughts on “Quick recap: Dawgs upset Gators 72-60 to earn huge SEC win

  1. Good game, good to see some resilience from the hometown cagers. I love Claxton’s patience on defense — he doesn’t need to gamble to affect shots, and he knows it. Turtle and Juwan played well. Thankful the Gators decided not to press, which always kills us. Gotta say I’m not a Crump guy…every time he brings something to the table he then takes something off — no recognition on switching screen-and-rolls, missing obvious chances to feed the post. He makes it easy for the other team way too often.


    1. You’re not a Crump guy, but have you watched Turtle Jackson and his dribble out the shot clock mentality….Crump needs more minutes point blank…I don’t think there’s any argument there. He makes it easy lol, and Turtle doesn’t???


      1. Turtle isn’t a great player, but it’s interesting to me how much of the (warranted) criticism of CMF is centered around Crump. I watch him and I don’t see the second coming of D.A. Layne — if he was that good, even Fox’s hand would have been forced by now.


        1. Because UGA’s problem is offense so yes, if offense is our problem, UGA needs to play the better offensive players MORE, which means Crump would need more minutes…there have been PLENTY of games where crump touched the floor for 3 minutes or less and UGA defense played like ASS! So honestly, I could careless to hear about Crump’s defense…The other guards play terrible defense and give me nothing offensively, Turtle included! Turtle had a good game last night, but he’s inconsistent offensively so i’m really not impressed at his performance last night because he doesn’t give me those same numbers every night. He averages 30 minutes a game but UGA only has one guy averaging double digits…my only argument is Tyree is the better guard on that team and he should be playing more than 8 minutes per game…


    2. Have to disagree here. Crump plays defense at least as well as Turtle, maybe better because he’s quicker and harder to beat off the dribble. And he made a couple of entry passes that Turtle doesn’t make on his best day. And he can shoot.

      Anyway…Nice win. It’s great to beat the Gators in anything.


      1. Sure, maybe if he plays more he’ll improve. I’d love to be proven wrong. And hey, if you’re a 34% shooter there’s nowhere to go but up!


        1. You clearly must also think Fox is a great coach….I would like for you to mention Turtle Jackson or Hightower’s shooting percentage…What’s sad is a 34% shooter, he’s the best shooter on the team!


    3. Excuse me, Crump is one of the BEST BASKETBALL Players GEorgia has, he can score and he can score in bunches. I guess you think the rest of the guards are perfect—Reality check-no they are not-Turtle isn’t fast enough to get around anyone and get the ball handed off, so he has lots of turnovers and dribbles and dribbles and dribbles. So it seems obvious to me you aren’t watching the whole game you are just looking for any mistake Crump makes. Look at the whole game and you will see everyone on the team makes mistakes, some more than others but Fox picks and chooses who he likes and no matter how bad they are they play and play and play. If Fox new how to use Crump for all his abilities, you would be a FAN. And just a thought how many times did Turtles man get open shots because he didn’t switch on screens I really think you have Turtle’s defensive mistakes and you are giving them to Crump. So I gotta say you are blind to everyone else.


      1. I think what a lot of people like about Crump is he seems to be willing to go off script, which plays well if you don’t like the script. But just because he freelances doesn’t mean he freelances effectively.


        1. Well if he freelances it can’t and isn’t any worse than the dribble dribble pass pass pass slow methodical basketball that Fox likes to play. Uptempo, run and play fast


  2. Great to see the Dawgs hang on for a win. Love watching Claxton’s long arms altering shots and snaring boards. Key to the game was free throw shooting down the stretch. 9 for 9 or 10 in the second half after missing 3 of their first 8 in the first half.


  3. Claxton going to be a problem. Maybe Fox should think about inserting him into starting lineup. Kid is a beat machine(shot blocker). I love the energy he brings, kid is going to be special.
    Sansho1, maybe u should be a Crump guy. When Crump in the game we become more of a threat offensively. Yes Crump has some defensive struggles but so does Turtle, Parker, Harris and Hightower. I guess I’m only noticing the spark Crump brings. I’m with JCrump, I think Crump needs more minutes. Did u notice the spurts hoop talking about took place when Crump was in game and not Turtle. Turtle played well not to take anything away from him.
    What has happened to Hammonds?


    1. I definitely think Claxton is creeping up on that starting five. His ability to stretch defenses from beyond the arc as a big is something Georgia hasn’t really had since Nemi Djurisic or Trey Thompkins. Claxton is such a step up off the bench from what Georgia has been using to sub into the post in recent years (Mike Edwards, Houston Kessler).


  4. Really nice win by the Hoop Dawgs when we desperately needed it.

    I agree with those calling for more minutes for Crump, but to me the key guard to have on the floor is Jordan Harris. Harris is the only player on the team that can take his man off the dribble and finish at the rim. He also is really good at feeding the post. Note that Harris did not start the second half, Gators went on a huge run, then Fox played Harris for about 12 straight minutes and we took control of the game.


    1. Great observation Decatur Dawg. I found myself groaning a bit whenever either Harris or Crump came out of the game. They bring an energy to the team that no one else except Clax brings off the bench. Play them more !!!!


  5. The group in the game when the Dogs went on a run were Claxton, Harris, Crump, and Maten, can’t remember the 5th one. Crump can also get the ball into the post and should be taking Turtle’s place at the point.


  6. I agree on crump-play more. But I have said before most important player on The team to move forward is Jordan Harris. When we win he scores when we don’t he doesn’t .


  7. I thought we played very well after that initial run by the gators. Our offense actually looked pretty good and more free-flowing, but a lot of that had to do with the Gators’ defense. They didn’t follow the playbook of how you defend us.

    Lots of chippiness in the comments regarding Crump. So I’ll weigh in too! I simply don’t know if I am a “Crump guy” because he hasn’t played enough for me to decide. So I am firmly on the side of “play Crump more”, so we can at least see if he can provide some answers to our awful offense.


  8. You have to be on the side of Crump play more, how can we knock him or his shot percentage when he averages less than 10 minutes per game. He averages 10 minutes per game and 5 points per…Turtle averages 30 minutes per game and barely averages 9 points per…If Crump played 30 minutes, what you think he would average, atleast 15!


  9. Thats right, at least maybe more. But for some reason he is dead set on playing Turtle no matter what he does or doesn’t do. He has a long leash, Crump has a very very short leash


  10. Turtle dribbles too much, but in his defense he’s trying to run the sets at the pace Fox is dictating. Also, if he sees one of the freshman screw something up, he walks right over and tells them. You need some of that from your point guard, and I appreciate that he has the gravitas to do it. Anyway, “Turtle or Crump” isn’t even a question that would be asked on a differently constructed roster, because I don’t think they should be sharing the point. Crump is a shooting guard.


  11. Crump is not a shooting guard, he’s a scoring guard. The problem with Crump at UGA is he needs the ball in his hands(Frazier). Fox not having that, not sure why not!
    My personal opinion is Crump shot has convinced fox he’s a shooting guard and With his manipulation (fox), Crump a shooter fail for it which allows him to play sparingly. Watch Crump high school or aau. Fox can get away with not playing Crump against bigger teams bc yes he’s too small. Fox wants to match up with his opponents instead of forcing opponents to match up to his team. Can one imagine Crump a better shooter, bigger and just as good ball handler in Frazier role. Frazier was a beast! I’m in no way slighting Frazier, DGD. Hightower off bench would be killer in this role. Speed the game up and allow turtle Harris and Hammonds to catch and shoot with yante Claxton or Ogbeide in trail position for drop offs. Talking bout yante dominating. Yante needs space and I have yet to see someone guard him 1 on 1. This team needs a quicker pace and spacing. It shouldn’t take one 21 games to figure his team out. We still juggling lineups!


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