Poor defense and a weird last possession result in another UGA loss

For the final 4 minutes of this game, Georgia (10-11, 1-7) played solid base defense against the South Carolina Gamecocks. USC’s last 5 possessions before UGA was forced to foul looked like this: turnover, three-pointer, turnover, turnover and missed shot. That’s some impressive defense at crunch time, and for that the Dawgs deserve a lot of credit. Had Georgia secured the missed jumper by Hassani Gravett with less than a minute left and the Gamecocks leading 83-80, UGA would have had chance to tie the game. The Georgia defense put this team in a position to win at the end of this contest.

The problem, however, was that the Dawgs looked perplexed defensively for the previous 36 minutes. Defensive rotations were too slow and sometimes nonexistent. How else do you explain allowing the SEC’s 11th best three-point shooting team (32%) to go 11 for 16 from the perimeter? Carolina buried nearly double the number of triples they had been averaging a night in league play, and on the road no less. In the first half, USC’s guards hit 3 three-pointers from the corner baseline spot that were painfully uncontested.

In his post game, Tom Crean had the following to say regarding the perimeter defense:

“We are improving. But we have got to stop hurting ourselves with not getting our hands up, with not communicating the switch.”

I wholeheartedly agree. However, Crean might want to be a little more liberal with his timeouts in the future because he could use them to remind his players of all of these things he discussed in his press conference. South Carolina is a terrible three-point shooting team, but even average shooters can be made to appear better than they are when their looks to the basket are basically unimpeded. The Dawgs may be handicapped offensively due to a dearth of talent in the ball handling department, but all of these players should be capable of playing sound defense for 40 minutes.

To be fair, there wasn’t much defense being played by either team on Saturday, which should have been expected since the Gamecocks entered this contest with the worst team scoring defense (79.3) in SEC play and Georgia the second-worst (77.9).

That last possession by Georgia was a real head-scratcher. Considering that Crean removed his team’s best perimeter shooter, Tyree Crump, in favor of Derek Ogbeide, I assumed that the Dawgs were going to attack the basket as they trailed 85-80 with just 33 ticks remaining. Instead, both Turtle Jackson and Nicolas Claxton tossed up clunkers from the beyond the arc, and the Gamecocks corralled the 4th miss to earn another trip to the free throw line. Game over. Carolina wins 86-80.

A special shout out goes to the Georgia bench for performing admirably this afternoon. The Dawgs reserves outscored the Carolina bench 36-22, and they played a key role in helping UGA close an early double-digit deficit. Derek Ogbeide led all Georgia scorers with 16 points to go along with 7 rebounds, and today’s game marked his third straight SEC contest in which he has finished in double-figures in scoring.

Jordan Harris, who missed the last two games with concussion symptoms, gave Crean his best minutes of the season as he notched 11 points off the bench. Harris played with a lot of intensity, and his athleticism is hard to miss – he’s always around the ball as he secured 6 boards and forced 4 steals.

Looking ahead, it’s hard not to speculate on just how many conference games this team can win. The Dawgs have multiple ranked opponents still scheduled to travel to Athens, and all of those contests will be challenging for this team. At this point, it’s hard to envision this bunch winning an SEC road game (although I would LOVE to be proven wrong).

Georgia’s worst conference performances in the past 20 years were Dennis Felton’s final season, in which that team won 3 SEC games, and his second year in Athens when the Dawgs managed just 2 league victories during the regular season. My best estimation, and again, I pray that I am incorrect, is that this team will not eclipse 3 conference wins this year.

Box score:

4 thoughts on “Poor defense and a weird last possession result in another UGA loss

  1. I do not see any away wins. The best opportunity would be at Texas A & M, I guess. I do figure we should beat Missouri at home March 6th. 2-17, 12-21 seems very likely. A bunch of folks spent years Pooh-poohing 20 win seasons as being nothing.
    Shit, we are likely to have our worst conference winning percentage in 63 years. I know Tom Crean is a lot better coach than Red Harbin, but next year needs to be really better.


    1. Red Harbin! I can’t believe that there is someone on this blog that is apparently older than me. I didn’t start my fandom until Guthrie was the coach.


  2. Boy what a difference a year makes. Last year I constantly found myself grinding my teeth when the Dawgs were in the half court set, watching Turtle dribble pointlessly without initiating anything. Our half court defense, however, was more often than not respectable. This year the offense is often ragged but active and we are at our best when our players are cutting toward the basket or otherwise moving well without the ball (get the picture Rayshad?).. However our half court defense is atrocious. I have never seen a Georgia team allow so many easy drives to the glass as this one does–a true Ole defense. The latter breakdowns would have me grinding my teeth if they didn’t happen so fast that I have no time to grind.


  3. So far, Crean has been absolutely horrendous as a coach. Some might say it’s not fair to compare how Fox would have done with this squad, but I bet it’d be fat better than one conference win to this point. Fox had three wins over Top 25 teams in Year One, which seems an impossibility for the UGA team this year. I hope Crean has a solid plan for Year Two, or they should run his ass out like Jirsa. This is as bad as it could get for UGA BB, and no one should expect much support for this team … until they win.


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